Our risk management team has a combined 60 years experience. Our team is an extension of our Independent Agent’s service team.

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines collaboration as working together on an intellectual endeavor. Our risk managers define it as empowering our clients to more actively control risk. No matter the definition, our goal is to work with our clients to better understand their ability to recognize and control loss. The ability to predict probable sources of loss and prevent them from materializing is a fundamental responsibility of all organizations, including schools and public entities. Understanding the unique financial challenges and limited availability of extra resources our clients face, our Risk Management team provides complementary loss control services.

Serving more than 1,000 clients throughout the Midwest allows our professionals to better understand the needs of our clients and provide more relevant recommendations. Our team has created a comprehensive risk assessment process categorizing typical loss exposures into Core Areas of Risk. Focusing loss prevention efforts into specific areas of risk allows our clients, regardless of size or discipline, to concentrate their efforts on real loss control methods.

Our goal is to continually look for ways beyond insurance to better control loss. Collaborating with our clients to empower them to more actively manage their own risk creates a sustainable process of loss control.

Risk Management Directory: Travis Thompson, Greg Hennecke, Patrick Hickey, and Pierce Overbeeke